A letter of a chesticular nature

Dear Man Sitting Next to Me on the T,

Please keep your elbows tucked in. I am not sure if you are creepy and trying to rest your elbow on my breast or you just don’t notice. I’d like to think you are just older and are not aware of the fact that your pointy elbow is poking into my fleshy side boob. It is making my morning commute more painful than I thought it would be. I’m not even sure how your elbow is so sharp. This has become beyond uncomfortable, sir. You have to notice where you have placed your elbow.

If you are elbowing my bosom on purpose I must wonder why? If this is all it takes to stimulate you, I feel bad for your wife. Or perhaps you are testing me. How long until I get up and you have more room? Well, sir, I can deal with this much longer than you expect. I am much younger and have quite a bit of stamina!

Is that it? My youth is the magnet that attaches you to me in such a inappropriate way. You remember, perchance, a day long past when breast as youthful as mine were yours to do with as you please?  These breast maybe were a comfort when you lost your job. They were the same that gave food to your children. You families lives were shaped by the beautiful chest of a women. It saddens you to think of the saggy mess those breast have become after years of the rough use of life.

That is still not an excuse to jar my healthy, full chest with your skinny, sharp elbow. I am not an object. My boobs are not a plaything. Some young man will come along and be supported by my chest. A family may be raise by my breast. They will at once comfort and be a source of nourishment to children.

It is not helping this great purpose when your elbow jams into the round, soft flesh of life.  The trains movement is aiding your painful injustice. I have tried to maneuver away slight as to ease the torture you are causing me. You just seem to move with me like your elbow has mated with my breast.

You, sir, are the reason older gentlemen are stereotyped as perverts. You select young innocent looking women on trains and you irritate them to the point of receiving a strongly worded letter!  It is a shame to the wonderful grandfathers out there who make an effort to be proper men.

All I’m asking is that you GET YOUR ELBOW OFF MY BOOB!

Thank You,

Large Chested Woman